The Portable Solar Camping Shower

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Do you love camping and outside events, but hate COLD showers? No more cold showers with this portable Eco-solar-friendly shower bag! Enjoy the comfort of a home shower outside today!


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This Portable Solar Shower is great for camping events, the beach, festivals, washing dishes, or just bathing your pet or kids outside. Our portable shower bag is made of environmentally friendly leakproof materials and PVC coating.

Good features:

  • Water capacity: 5 gallons (20 liters)
  • Solar heated shower - No gas or electricity needed
  • Use solar energy to heat water to 45°C (113°F) 
  • Temperature indicator (°C/°F) for water temperature


It is leak-proof and durable for long-time use. The materials used are safe for human health and they can quickly absorb sunlight for heating. More environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. It is really a good choice for your families and friends.

The Eco Mineral Shower is perfect for camping accessories. The shower bag can easily carry up to 5 gallons (20 liters) of water for showering in remote areas. You can enjoy a better and more refreshing hot water summer shower anywhere without gas and electricity. It is also perfect for outdoor activities such as camping, fireworks, traveling, and hiking.  

This is a smart-heat absorbing designable water-saving eco shower. Be able to quickly know the temperature of the water. After enjoying your outdoor activities, hang it on the tent or tree branches to take a shower or simply wash your hands and face. It brings you a much better showering experience. 

  • Solar heated shower - No gas or electricity needed
  • Water capacity of 5 gallons (20 liters)
  • Lightweight & foldable, easy for carry & storage


  • Material: PVC 
  • Capacity: 5 Gallon


  • 1 x Shower Bag, 1 x Hanging Strap, 1 x Plastic Tube, 1 x Hose with Shower Head, 1 x Net Bag

The Portable Solar Camping Shower is perfect for camping accessories. The shower bag can easily carry up to 5 gallons (20 liters) of water for showering in remote areas. You can enjoy a better and more refreshing hot water summer shower anywhere without gas and electricity. It is also perfect for outdoor activities such as camping, fireworks, traveling, and hiking.  

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Customer Reviews

Chris T.
No more cold showers

Exactly as described, excited and can't wait to go camping with the kids.  They always complain about cold showers.

Susie P.
Bigger than I imagined

The quality is excellent, I recommend it!


All as in the description

Help to wash the dish in camping, fishing and others.

Charlene C.
Better than I thought

When I opened this up, I was surprised by the quality(better than expected). I attached the shower head and hose (just push on) and filled it with water. Left it overnight and no leaking. We are still waiting for nice warm weather in Minnesota,so I haven’t tested how the sun will warm it up. I expect it to work well in warm sunny conditions and look forward to using at our camper and intend to use while bathing the dog too. I like that it has a clip handle so attaching to tree limbs or car luggage racks etc is easy. When bathing the dog, it will be just as easy to fill with warm water instead of waiting.  I still need to figure out where the best hanging place should be while using.

Surprisingly compact shower

I was really surprised by how compact this shower is. It folds up pretty small, but holds a ton of water when open. The water warms up a bit in the sun, too. The stream is definitely fast enough to rinse the suds off, and I think it could cover 2 showers if you're fast enough. Be sure to hang it somewhere sturdy as it's heavy! Connect the hose before filling the bladder with water or you'll make a mess like I did! I know this is meant for camping but to be honest, I'm using it to hose off my dogs before letting them into our car after play dates. It's easy to pop in the car with a jug of water, and it's the perfect water pressure for getting the mud rinsed off of their feet!

Versatile, well made, no guessing at temperature.

After owning a number of camping showers, I’ve concluded this is one of the best for its combination of price, quality and usefulness. The shower is perfect size, comes nicely packaged in a drawstring mesh bag (with a self-locking clasp), and also includes an attached thermometer so you have a good estimate of the water temperature. What more could you ask! Because it’s so convenient I put it to immediate use on the day I received it as a hand wash station while doing chores at the back of my property. This will continue to get a lot of use. As an added bonus, the shower is not shipped in wasteful packaging, just a thin plastic sleeve.

Bill Thomas
Perfect for any trip

I bought this for my outdoors trip and it was amazing! This camping bag was easy to fill and take in my car. The shower head let’s you adjust the pressure along with opening and closing the stream. Don’t forget to place the shower head tubing before you fill in the bag. All in all, this bag was a great buy. I can’t wait to keep using this product on my upcoming trips.

Convenient to use!

What a neat product! As soon as my son saw this he said “wish I had had that when I was leading scouts!” This convenient portable shower bag is easy to use, has a durable hanging strap and also has a thermometer on the back so you know how hot the water is. This bag would also be good for sprinkling plants that are away from a water source. We plan to use it when cleaning the boat. What an easy way to carry clean water and rinse the seats off!

Amanda Naxi

This is a camping shower but I got this for my pool area. My kids are always either dragging in grass to the house or even in the pool and this is versatile enough that I can rinse their feet before they come in the house or before they get in the pool. It holds a TON of water. More than I need for the kids. The "bladder" is a very thick silicone type material that will definitely hold up to the weight of the water. Very durable and high quality. Highly recommend

Perfect for pool use!

I got this to keep on my pool deck. It holds alot of water and is perfect for rinsing off chlorine after swimming. We also use it to rinse our feet off before swimming so we don't get dirt in the pool! I used to use a plastic pan full of water but this is much better. Doesn't leak, has a nifty mesh pocket to hold whatever you need (for me it's hairbows, a comb and conditioner). Holds enough water to handle our whole family each swim. The water is quite warm as well which is very nice after being in the cold pool on the earlier spring days.

Just one thing

Worked great, didn't feel cheap, liked how I could control the flow amount, the shower head does look a little bit like a toy but the design itself was fine, the hose doesnt pop of easily from the bag but it is a little less gripped from the hose to the head, just make sure to latch it right. For the price it's great. Idk if I got a slight manufactoring error but the plastic grip couldn't be put in the middle of the rope part, so when u hang it all the weight is on the rope instead of the grip part. Making it hang and carry a bit akward.

This is one bad boy shower Bro

Bro, First off, Dude like this shower is hot Yo. Like in the morning it's cold from the dew slick and all and like by evening it's hot broski. So, That's all I'm Saying about that. 1 Word Review? Great Shower! And then too. Dude when It's time to get the dishes done BAM! There it is Hot wataaaaaah! Sing It Baby, Sing It!!!! HOT WAAAAATTTTAAAAAHHHHH!

Marissa McCudden
Game changer for festival goers!

GAME (wait for it)....CHANGER! I'm a vetted festival goer and this camping shower is the move! The pouch held enough water for roughly 5-6 of us to do a quick body wash wish soap and wet our hair. The nozzle on the shower head is a nice touch so you don't waste water the entire time you use it. Just switch the nozzle when you're ready for more water. Gravity does take play a part here though, so the higher you have it the better the water flow will be. We hung ours from our standard sized canopy and sat in a short stool which worked great! No more stinky wook status for 4 days!!!

Great for sink or quick shower

The spout /shower head is tiny- however we ended up using it every day to wash our dishes off. Great sink alternative and good for a quick shower


his is my third review. I want my second review disregarded and my first review to remain. Thank you.

Fantastic homeware collection, of great quality.

The designers obviously have a creative eye.

- Instyle Magazine

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